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Parents are the first teacher of the child. The cultural values a child inherits from parents and family members are the foundations of his/her personality. Therefore, when good values of a child are appreciated, the credit naturally goes to his/her parents/guardians. Similarly, when bad values of a child are talked about, it is primarily said that the parents have not made him/her learn good cultural values.

Beginning from small things
It is said that age is no bar to learn, we say this about adults. The fact also applies to children, who can be taught small things from the childhood. Never think that they are too young and can learn later. The children must be taught values as per their age. It must also be kept in mind that the values learnt in the childhood have the deepest imprint in their mind and remains with the person for a longer period.

First step needs to be steady
Parents put great effort to make the child learn the first step. Like first step of the walk, make the child learn everything about surroundings, understand every relation and react to them. Every first step of your child should be under your alert eyes. This will not only make the child confident that you are there for his/her safety, but you will also be sure that your child is stepping in the right direction.

Keep the age in mind
Make the children learn according to their age, not according to your age. Many a times we tend to impose things on them in the race to make children learn more and quickly. This does not make the children learn; rather it may lead to a fear of child not agreeing to your order and the values imposed by us do not get rooted. Let these values develop in the children. Several times, parents/guardians have to act below their age to make them learn. If you see their world with their viewpoint, you will be able to make them understand better. Always remember that children learn more while playing, making them learn with lectures does not prove more effective. Be a friend to your child to understand him/her at every stage of life.

Caress, not neglect
Never neglect the mistakes of your child in endearment or apathy. Give lots of love to the child, but let this love does not become your weakness. Whenever required, always be strict. Letting a small mistake grow in childhood may become a reason for big evil in adulthood. It is parents who realize the weakness or strength of their child first and the most. Help in letting his/her personality develop accordingly. Always stand by your children in his/her defeat, so that he/she becomes strong. Help him/her identify the reasons for defeat. Many a times when a child fails in a work, it is possible that the child is not be made for that work. Find what your child is good at and polish them up to rise further.

Keep an eye, do not impose restrictions
Keep an eye on children, but not in a way that children consider it as a restriction. Keep a watch in a manner that the child feels that you care for him/her and you want them to be happy and protected. Keep in mind that the thinking of every generation is different from its preceding generation. Always mind this gap and also expect from the children accordingly. Children get influenced by their peers and friends and also learn a lot from them. Therefore, it is necessary that you know the friends of the child and keep a watch on the fact that how it is influencing your child.

Change with the time
New era belongs to new technology. Hence, you must have knowledge of the technology being used by the child in daily life, though you may not learn it completely. Children spend most of their time with them, and they make friends and develop habits from them. This will help you understand your children better.


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Very nice and really EFFECTIVE
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"Parents" they are our life .we should respect our parents because they also have dreams but they do not complete their dreams because they know what we have to do for our next generation
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we should respect our parents
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Innovative !!!
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This step is very GOOD
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very good contest this contest all children is most posted by:sneha on19 Dec2012
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It is Good to inculcate Values in small children thrrough the programme....
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